What to expect at creatures of the night?


The easier question to answer would be what not to expect!? But, you can expect a well rounded, star packed musical line up, the best visionary artists in the world, world class fire and circus performers, amazing art installations, classes on yoga, dancing, flow and meditation, lectures on permaculture, sustainability, plant medicine, leadership, and science, stimulation every where you look, people dancing like wild animals and howling at the moon….A weekend to be remembered!

5 Principles 

Experience Ultimate Joy

This means engaging yourself so fully in what you are trying to get out of the weekend that you forget about everything, except the joy of this perfect moment in time!


Express yourself fully

This means we all contribute more to the event, Everyone of you is an artist in some way. Whether it be painting, singing, dancing, flow, or just being a uniquely wonderful person.. express every bit of yourself so we can all do the same and truly experience each other. This is Co.Creation!


Radical Inclusion

This means we want to leave this a tribe. A family connected forever. For this to happen we believe everyone should take every opportunity they have to reach out to those they don’t already know and invite them in what they are doing. Relinquish all judgements we normally hold, for at least this one weekend.


Seek Transformation

This means that we all want more out of life, we all desire change in the world. Events like this hold the opportunity to create that change in our lives; but we must all seek that transformation! We must all seek teachers and the opportunity to teach. We must seek balance, healing, and grounding in the world we live in. We must seek peace in joyful celebration!


Be the fire

Events like this are like the sacred fire and we are the wood that fuels it. When we leave this event we will have the choice to either burn out and turn into coal returning to the world we came from, or we can arise changed; a fire.. our own burning for all to see,. a light leading back to the never ending movement towards consciousness, towards love, towards peace.