Creatures of the Night Music and Arts Festival was born a vision. A vision of utopia, where inhibitions fade away in awe of the ultimate joy encompassing everything. When the sun fades to moonlight, the creatures of the night come out to play!



Celebrating the freedom of being true human and allowing yourself to express fully, for all to see and love, because that is all there is; love and acceptance. In the cool light of the night we will dance, sing, and embrace because for at least this, small fragment of time, this group of people, came together, to teach and learn and play with each other and together, took the gift of a transformational weekend leaving a happier, stronger human being.


Creatures of the Night Entertainment believes that transformational music gatherings can actually have a profound impact on the world, we want to take the next step in attempting to create gatherings that make a difference. 


We all know the power a transformational event can have in our own lives, and that has an impact on the world around us, people are impacted by changes that happen in your personal life and If you are full of joy and new ideas and positivity it rubs off.  We think a transformational music gathering can be more. 


Our dream is to one day, host gatherings across the globe on farms we or our friends own and for the week leading up and the week following the festival there would be a permaculture intensive camp on part of the festival grounds that attendees could choose to attend for free, instead of paying for a festival ticket.  So we could travel around the world creating food forest that will feed people sustainablly while celebrating life in the most joyful way, music and dance. This is a vision we believe could actually have an impact on the way people see the world.